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3 copies of Peter Apel's 13 song collection "Fred's Back!" - named after the little spaceman who loves bananas.

BONUS: Contains an 8-page Full-color mini-booklet filled with liner notes, credits, and full lyrics to all the songs.

1. M-O-M Spells Mom
2. The Boring Song
3. Dozen Donuts
4. Lipstick Blah Blah
5. Bombones (Marshmallows)
6. The Other Dinosaur Song
7. (I Love You) Too, Too Much
8. Mary Had a Little Lamb
9. I Love Sopaipillas
10. Ring-a-Ding-Ding
11. Five Little Leprechauns
12. The Dozen Waltz
13. The Grapefruit Song

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