Five Little Leprechauns PRINTABLE Board Story with MP3 Song

Peter Apel

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Get this board story and song INSTANTLY! NOTE: The MP3 song and PDF pages are downloadable files. No felt is included with this package.

Instructions: 1. Print the PDF 2. Cut out the Leprechauns 3. Attach Velcro or a piece of felt to the back of each leprechaun. 4. Play the Five Little Leprechauns song on your favorite music player. You're good to go!

Combo Package Includes: Download link to the MP3 song - Five Little Leprechauns by Peter Apel and a printable PDF file with images:

  • 5 leprechaun figures
  • 5 leprechaun hats
  • 1 cauldron with golden coins, and
  • 1 rainbow
  • 1 four-leaf clover
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