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Peter Apel's award-winning debut CD. Includes Songs: "I've Got a Dinosaur on My Head!" "Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast," "Peacocks Don't Lay Eggs," and 9 more fun tracks. Format: CD w/jewel case. High-quality audio. Professionally mastered. Multi-panel, full-color insert contains original illustrations and complete lyrics. This music stimulates kids' imaginations and is perfect for the car, at home, and in the classroom.

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Fred's Back!: Music CD by Peter Apel

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Peter Apel's second collection of original songs. These 13 songs come together in a unique collection, with variety that will keep kids engaged. Includes: Spaceman Fred Pinsocket's new song, "Bombones (Marshmallows),"  

  • BONUS: Contains an 8-page Full-color mini-booklet filled with liner notes, credits, and full lyrics to all the songs.
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Fred Pinsocket Mini-Mug
  • Fred Pinsocket Mini-Mug
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This is a smaller, kid-sized ceramic mug, perfrect for sharing a cup of hot chocolate or juice with the family. While these are fun, junior-sized cups, please be aware that these ARE made of ceramic; NOT plastic. When treated with care, these offer responsible kids the chance to enjoy a "real" ceramic cup along with their adults. Dimensions:

Height: 2.9" Diameter: 2.8" Capacity: 6 ounces

Microwave and dishwasher safe

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Stickers and Tattoos
Fred Pinsocket Temporary Tattoos (25pc Party Pack)
  • Fred Pinsocket Temporary Tattoos (25pc Party Pack)
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Need more tattoos?  Order our Tattoo Party Pack!
These are the same tattoos that we sell in our 4-pack, but in a 25 piece bundle.
Great for...
Birthday party goodie bags;
   - Applying as an activity in your rock n' roll birthday party;
   - Giving to friends who love bananas!

Each tattoo measures 1.5" x 1.5" and features Fred Pinsocket, the spaceman who loves bananas. Pack of 25.

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