Wondering how you might use this music in the classroom?

Guide for Teachers and Caregivers
In this guide, I share thoughts and ideas gained from my own experience performing these songs in school programs and family events.  Songs covered come from my "I've Got a Dinosaur on My Head!" music CD.

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 This guide includes for EACH song...
- Summary of song content -

- Suggested Activities -

- Educational Concepts -

Are you looking for fun, new ways to inspire your kids' imaginations?  Peter Apel's songs, related characters, and activity sheets can be used to introduce a wide number of topics in the classroom.  They are great teaching aids and are used for circle times, classroom exercises, and theme reinforcement.  For example, the "I Love Bananas" song features Fred, a little spaceman who loves bananas because they have fiber and potassium.  Teachers have used this song while covering units on "space" as well as fruit and nutrition.
Sample Themes and Concepts - Peter Apel's Music
  • Story time
  • Imagination
  • Food / Nutrition
    - Breakfast
    - Oatmeal (raisins, brown sugar, nuts)
    - Milk
    - Bananas (fiber & potassium)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animal sounds/noises (Dinosaur, chicken, cat, dog, frog, peacock)
  • Space, rockets, flight
  • Trains, tracks, whistles, types of train cars, tunnels
  • Language, tongue twister
  • Memory, recall
  • Rhyming
  • Simple math concepts
  • Counting (1..10; 10..1)
  • Pattern recognition
  • Sound recognition/matching
  • Rhythm
  • Exercise, movement (stretch, stomp, walk, rub tummy, pat head, hop, clap)
  • Relational concepts (Clapping to the left, right, behind the back, over the head. Louder. Lower. Move. Stop.)
  • Science: "Peacocks don't lay eggs" (peafowl, peahen, peacock), Circle.
  • And (of course!) simple fun, music appreciation and joy of listening!

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  • Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas board book.  This will be available April 2015.
  • The supplemental activity book gives further reinforcement with coloring sheets (spaceship, Fred, Bananas) and exercises (maze, wordsearch, "which spaceship is different?" etc.) that can be used with, or independently from the songs. (This is currently out of print. Please check back soon.)