Album Name: "I've Got a Dinosaur on My Head!
Release Date: 2007
Music: Stimulates kids' imaginations. Perfect for the car, at home, and in the classroom. 12 tracks.  Vocals and instrument performance by Peter Apel. High-quality audio. Professionally mastered.
Format: CD w/jewel case. Multi-panel, full-color insert contains original illustrations and complete lyrics.
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All songs copyright Peter Apel 2007
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I've Got a Dinosaur On My Head! (AKA "The Dinosaur Song";sing-along)
An imagination builder, this song encourages kids to imagine any number of items on their heads. With a simple, catchy melody, fun animal sounds, and accelerating tempo, kids enjoy learning the dinosaur verse and enjoy the challenge of adding verses with chickens, cats, dogs, and frogs into the song.    The song was inspired by a silly green dinosaur novelty hat in the Apel house, and it quickly became a fan favorite. This is one of Apel's favorite songs to perform live. It has become a kid (and adult) favorite and is requested at every live performance. 

Giraffe from The Laughing Song (sing-along; counting; movement song)
Younger kids enjoy listening to the melodies and layered harmonies, and the older kids have fun singing along and counting backward. This song was inspired while "Uncle Pete" was entertaining family and nieces and nephews in living room music sessions. The full song, including the addition of forward and backward counting, evolved over time.  The actual laughing on the sound recording can be credited to Peter's son.

Sometimes I Have Oatmeal For Breakfast (AKA "The Oatmeal Song"; sing-along)
This song has been responsible for introducing kids to new foods and has even caused a few adults to try oatmeal again.  The goal is to have fun trying different toppings with your oatmeal.   The song idea originated from Apel's young son, and the two collaborated to decide what should go on the oatmeal next. Peter had a flamenco/classical guitar in hand at the time and used that inspiration to add a new "flavor" the song.  Most people only need to hear this song once, before they can sing it on their own. 


Christopher Spider Copyright 2007 Peter J. Apel Walking in a Circle (movement song category; coordination)
This is a song to help get those kids up and moving around.  It begins with the kids sitting down. In the middle they're led through stretching, stomping, walking, rubbing their tummies while patting their heads, hopping, and clapping.  The song tempo eventually slows, and the kids end the song once again sitting on the floor (helps with transitions to next song/activity).  The song ideas and transition ideas were developed in consultation with Apel's pre-school teacher wife and other teacher friends. 

I Once Had a Balloon, But Then it Popped. Copyright 2007 Peter J. ApelI Once Had a Balloon (But Then It Popped)
Despite a mother's valiant efforts, a small child repeatedly loses his "favorite" balloon.  Sometimes we grow attached to people (or things) in our lives. The loss of that item (or person, or relationship) can be a struggle for us even if others don't share or understand our sense of loss.  This musical story, told with gentle humor, acknowledges that kids might actually go through these ups and downs just like the rest of us. The idea is to understand that there is comedy in some our own misfortunes, and that it's important to be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while.  Apel challenged himself to write a sad love song to which kids could relate.  The result is this waltz for kids (and their parents of course).

Blue Beef Broth (musical tongue twister)
This is a homemade tongue twister that evolved into a short musical story. Try to sing along as you hear how Grandma, Grandpa, and kids accidentally create this new concoction.

Eensy Weensy Spider (Traditional)
Peter's rendition of the standard includes a pleasant guitar arrangement and multi-part vocal harmony.  Like parent's around the world, Peter would regularly sing this to his young kids.  Peter customized this one for his son (in the 2nd verse the spider gets a name), and included this track on the album for obvious sentimental reasons.

Railroad Crossing. Copyright 2007 Peter J. ApelTrain Whistles  (Sound effect)
A Sound effect that your kids may enjoy. The steam engine crosses slowly from the left to the right speaker as you listen to the whistles and chugging sounds.

Big Locomotive (movement song, educational, trains)
Take a short rhythmic journey down the tracks and through a tunnel, while learning a bit about the types of cars on a railroad.

Peacocks Don't Lay Eggs

("AKA The Peacock Song"; sing-along, science/educational)
Most people respond, "They don't?"  This song was inspired by daily peacock conversations after Apel's son heard the peacock's eerie call from his uncle's front porch. These birds slowly worked their way into Apel family bedtime stories, and then into the song.  Of course the old peacock/egg  joke was a contributing factor.  Hint: The species is the peafowl, and the peahen lays the eggs.  Just for fun and education, we've created a special page of interesting peacock information here.

Fred & Bananas Copyright Peter Apel 2007I Love Bananas (AKA "The Banana Song"; sing-along, nutrition, story time)
A little spaceman named Fred Pinsocket flies down to earth in his blue and silver rocket and sings his favorite song about bananas.  Our company was named after Fred.  Fred the cartoon was created long ago by Peter Apel, but with the CD "I've Got a Dinosaur on My Head!" Fred finally got a voice and a new spaceman outfit and made it onto  track 11 singing about his favorite food. You can also hear brief guest appearances by Fred in "Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast" and "Walking in a Circle."   For more info on Fred, see Who is Fred?  and  World-wide Banana Shortage Caused by Spaceman? and Fred t-shirts

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Traditional)
Everybody knows Twinkle Twinkle the traditional way.   Peter capitalizes on every young kid's desire to sing along even when they're not really sure of the words. Is it "up above the" or "hubba bubba"?  You decide.  Once you hear this version (or even better, see kids' reactions in a live performance), it will be hard to sing it the old way again.   Peter's "hubba bubba version" is highly requested at live performances. 

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