Welcome...This is the official site for San Jose music artist Peter Apel - performing songwriter, recording artist, author, illustrator, magician, iOS sticker developer. See Peter's upcoming Concert / Event Calendar here.

About the Songs. 
Parents and teachers use Peter's songs to entertain, teach, and shine brightness into kids' days. They've earned coveted spots in minivan music rotations, and they warm up kids in gymnastics and dance studios.

Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas

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Book an Event

As a live performer, Peter offers programs for:

Preschool Support Drop-in classroom visits. Support of preschool themes. Hire Peter as your co-teacher for the day!
Schools Preschool circle times, K-2 assemblies, fundraisers, festivals, special events
Libraries Toddler, preschool, family storytimes, summer reading programs
Festivals Live entertainment for your family-friendly event
Other private events and special programs Corporate family events, house concerts ("Birthday Parties"),  Mommy and Me (Daddy & Me) events for toddlers, preschoolers, and other family entertainment venues.

Each appearance includes Peter's special blend of original music and humor delivered with unique care and respect for the kids. 

If you'd like live music for your event, call Peter at .Your show can be tailored to the age and theme of your program as well as the size of the venue.  For family events large or small, Peter will work with you make that next event super special.

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